Why Marketing is Most Essential for Selling Property

There are very few assets that are precious than property, so while selling real estate you need to tread thoughtfully exactly as you do in a business deal. The goal of any business is to ensure as many people have heard about your products and services as possible; the same principle applies to real estate.

Moreover, just like any business needs a strong marketing strategy to become successful, selling property is no different. There was once a time when your real estate agent would put an ad in the paper, hammer a signboard in your front yard, and then wait for the buyers to come. In today’s real estate, however, there are numerous marketing options available, which means it’s no longer enough to choose one or two marketing mediums and call it a day.

You must create a perfect mix of marketing channels to promote your property. Remember, the more you market your property, the higher the price you sell it for.

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Cost-effective ways to market a property

Here are some popular cost-effective ways to market your property to sell it quickly at a greater price:

Targeted Social Media Marketing

Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter have accumulated piles of consumer information in their years of operations, which you can use to your advantage by advertising your property on these channels. Social media companies know what their users are looking for and so, today are the best way to target specific buyers.

Email marketing

Just as social media companies have collected piles of data, so too have real estate agents. A database of pre-qualified buyers, who’ve either expressed an interest in a property in the past, are the ones you want to market your properties to. Email marketing is an effective way to put your home in front of active buyers, who are actively looking for a property just like yours.

Listing Websites

Majority serious home buyers search for properties online first and then hit the field to view them in person. Listing platforms, such as SPIRE Group Real Estate drive these users to their platform by promoting their listings using Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimizations.

It is highly recommended that you list your property on SPIRE Group PH that provides maximum exposure to your listings.


Sign boards are an effective advertising tool for generating and maximising leads. They also notify other homeowners in the street and in the neighbourhood that the property is on the market.

If a prospective buyer likes the neighbourhood they’ll be doing walkabouts and drive bys to see what’s available. People who aren’t actively looking to buy may still be enticed by an attractive sign board touting the main features of a specific house.

Sign boards also act as a tool to provide information quickly and as a directional guide for people arriving in the street to view an open home. If a property is on the market but doesn’t have a sign board, it may make people feel they’re being intrusive if they’re walking past for a look. It may also imply that the property is no longer available. A sign board is a green light for people to go ahead and be curious, and find out more information.

Letterbox Drops

Letterbox distribution and marketing really does have the potential to communicate a brand message to every single sector of a marketplace, because everyone has a letterbox and check it every day!

Letterbox distribution and marketing allow small businesses to be more personal than other methods such as email, especially if the message is location based, because delivery can be tailored to recipients in a particular area. Flyers and delivered promotional collateral offer your business a way to really be creative and make a lasting impression. Everyone checks emails and digital platforms – all the time – so often it’s quite easy to lose interest, whereas something creative and innovative delivered to a letterbox can really resonate with a recipient and drive direct action.

Why Marketing is Most Essential for Selling Property SPIRE Group Real Estate ForSale

Marketing is something you should discuss with your sales agent in the very early stages of the sales process, as successful sale of your property would depend on it. But remember that just because there are more marketing opportunities available, it doesn’t mean you should use all of them. Always work in consultation with your sales agent to select the right mix for your marketing campaign.

If you would like to learn more about buying and selling property, continue reading this blog or list your property on SPIRE Group PH.