Navotas: A Thriving Hub for Industrial Investment

Discover the bustling city of Navotas, known for its vibrant industrial landscape and lucrative business opportunities. In this context, we present an exceptional industrial property for sale in San Jose, Navotas City, offering an enticing investment opportunity.

Located in the highly sought-after area of M. Naval St., this property spans a generous total area of 6,616 square meters. Navotas, with its strategic location and thriving industrial scene, provides the perfect backdrop for your business ventures.

The property boasts a multi-level office space, with the main office covering an expansive 480 square meters across three floors and featuring four bedrooms. Additionally, there is a separate office space spanning 372 square meters, offering versatility and the potential for additional rental income. Another office space of 131 square meters on the second floor further enhances the property’s potential for business expansion and rental opportunities.

With a substantial area of 1,094 square meters, the main warehouse provides ample space for storage and manufacturing operations. The property also features a convenient loading platform spanning 53 square meters, ensuring efficient logistics and streamlined processes. Furthermore, a well-designed open cemented parking space, combined with a covered receiving area, covers an area of 788 square meters, enhancing convenience and functionality. Additionally, the property offers vast open uncemented space totaling 3,698 square meters, accommodating a range of industrial activities.

This enticing industrial property is now available for sale at a competitive price of PHP 50,000 per square meter, providing investors with an excellent opportunity to capitalize on Navotas’ thriving industrial sector.

Don’t miss out on the chance to secure this valuable industrial property in Navotas. Contact us today to schedule a viewing and explore the immense potential that awaits your business. Embrace the prosperous landscape of Navotas and embark on a lucrative investment journey now!