The Magnolia Residences

The Magnolia Residences, a New Manila condominium, takes pride in providing a safe, comfortable, and family-friendly environment for all of its clients. A magical destination for all children and adults alike. Today, The Magnolia Residences resurrects an endearing heritage, reviving an unforgettable landmark that inspired many. The condominium has the following building amenities. It features four levels of parking and three elevators. Two of these are intended for passenger elevators, with the remaining elevator serving as a service elevator. It has CCTV surveillance, automatic smoke detectors, fire alarm sprinklers, and an annunciator in all communal areas and on all floor levels. In the event of an electricity outage, don’t worry because a generator is provided for common areas and select outlets.

Available Properties in The Magnolia Residences

No Available Properties Right Now, Check Back again later

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