Horizon Homes

<p>Surpassing residents expectations, Horizon Homes, situated in the Shangri-La, the Fort, Manila, are unique and beautiful homes that provide its residents with a distinct enjoyment of city life while living luxuriously in a wonderful space featuring some of the most perfect views in the city.<br />
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Residents of Horizon Homes are sure to enjoy the hospitality of the world-class Shangri-La services. You can enjoy the same warmth, care, and top-quality services while living in the Horizon Homes.<br />
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Each of the units are spacious with an open-plan layout which allows the residents to enjoy the company of their family and friends. The countertops are marble, there are veneers of deep walnut, and the units have two kitchens, the main and the wet kitchen. High-quality appliances and utensils are ready for use in each unit. Entertaining your guests will be a breeze.<br />
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The Horizon Homes also has access to the Shangri-La Hotel as well as to the Kerry Sports facilities. Residents can also enjoy the recreational facilities, personal concierge service, and 24-hour security.</p>

Available Properties in Horizon Homes

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