Greenhills is a commercial and residential area located in San Juan City, Philippines. It is known for its high-end shopping centers, such as the Greenhills Shopping Center, which is one of the largest and most popular shopping destinations in the Philippines. The shopping center features a wide variety of shops and boutiques, including luxury brands, department stores, and local shops selling clothing, accessories, electronics, and more.

In addition to the shopping center, Greenhills is also home to several other commercial areas, including the Greenhills Promenade, Greenhills Theater Mall, and V-Mall. These commercial areas offer a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options for visitors.

Greenhills is also a popular location for real estate, with a variety of residential options available, including apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes. There are also a number of gated communities in the area, such as Greenhills Village, which offers a more exclusive and upscale living experience.

The area is also known for its nightlife, with a variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants open late into the night. Greenhills is also a popular location for events and gatherings, with venues such as the Greenhills Theater Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, and the Promenade Hall.

Greenhills is also known for its accessibility, it is close to major roads and highways, and it is also served by the LRT-2 Greenhills Station, making it easy for residents and visitors to travel to and from the area. It is an urban barangay in San Juan and is the largest barangay in the city, covering a total area of 2.09 square kilometers (209 ha) that spans over a third of San Juan City’s total land area.

Centered on the Greenhills Shopping Center and its adjacent commercial establishments and gated communities, the barangay of Greenhills is considered a major commercial center of the city and of Metro Manila at large.

The area was initially part of the Hacienda de Mandaluyon (Mandaluyong Estate), the estate holdings of the Augustinian Order. The land was later on sold to businessmen Don Francisco Ortigas and Phil Whitaker, who founded Ortigas & Company, which developed the area into multiple residential subdivisions and its centerpiece shopping center, which is known today.

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