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Explore the Top 20 Buildings for Sale in Makati City

Posted by Ys on September 29, 2023

Explore the Top 20 Buildings for Sale in Makati City

Makati City, renowned as the financial hub of the Philippines, is home to luxurious properties that combine opulence, comfort, and convenience. Here, we showcase a meticulously curated list of the Top 20 Buildings available for sale, varying from Commercial to Residential categories, each promising a unique blend of luxury and functionality.

1. Property on Dela Rosa Street

  • Property Code: DS88-001335
  • Location: Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 400,000,000.00

Dive into supreme luxury with this fully-furnished commercial space, boasting 12 parking slots and situated at the heart of Makati City.

2. Brgy. Bangkal Property

  • Property Code: DS88-001340
  • Location: Evangelista Street, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 350,000,000.00

This semi-furnished commercial edifice is nestled in a prime location and comes equipped with 14 parking slots, ready to cater to your refined taste and requirements.

3. Guadalupe Residential/Commercial Building

  • Property Code: DS88-001294
  • Location: Sgt F Yabut Circle, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 131,200,000.00

Positioned in a vibrant locale, this property offers a myriad of possibilities, being versatile enough to be utilized as both a residential and commercial space.

4. Poblacion Makati Apartment Building

  • Property Code: DS88-000748
  • Location: E. Zobel St, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 160,000,000.00

Experience elegance and functionality with this fitted residential building, featuring 6 parking slots and located in the thriving area of Poblacion, Makati.

5. Antipolo Property

  • Property Code: DS88-000581
  • Location: Antipolo, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 130,000,000.00

This bare commercial space is a canvas waiting to be transformed, offering 5 parking slots and set in the bustling area of Antipolo.

6. Abela Apartments

  • Property Code: DS88-000374
  • Location: 1744 Dian St, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 78,000,000.00

7. La Paz Village Property

  • Property Code: DS88-000315
  • Location: 9855, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 73,000,000.00

Semi-furnished and set in the serene La Paz Village, this commercial property is a prime choice for businesses looking to establish a presence in Makati City.

8. Property on Ponte Street

  • Property Code: DS88-000209
  • Location: 4174 Ponte Street, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 32,400,000.00

Offered as-is, this residential property located on Ponte Street, brings affordability and opportunity to its prospective owners.

9. Ramon Magsaysay Building

  • Property Code: DS88-000141
  • Location: Ramon Magsaysay, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 120,000,000.00

This unfurnished commercial property stands as a monument to opportunity and potential in the bustling heart of Makati City.

10. Rizal/Pembo Dormitory Building

  • Property Code: DS88-000111
  • Location: TBA, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 28,000,000.00

With 10 Bedrooms and semi-furnished interiors, this residential building offers potential as a lucrative investment opportunity.

11. Guadalupe Apartment Building

  • Property Code: DS88-000042
  • Location: Escuela St, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 85,000,000.00

Featuring 8 Bedrooms, this semi-furnished property in Guadalupe promises convenience and comfort to its residents.

12. Bangkal Property

  • Property Code: DS883504
  • Location: General Estrella St, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 60,000,000.00

This bare residential property located in Bangkal, Makati, comes with 4 parking slots, offering numerous possibilities to its new owners.

13. Jacinta Building 2

  • Property Code: DS883354
  • Location: EDSA Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 650,000,000.00

This commercial building in Makati City is offered as-is, where-is, and with 20 parking slots, and is a prime real estate piece for businesses and investors.

14. Brgy. Olympia Property

  • Property Code: DS883272
  • Location: Honradez St, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 37,000,000.00

This semi-furnished property in Brgy. Olympia boasts 12 Bedrooms, serving as a promising investment or residence in the vibrant city of Makati.

15. Brgy Olympia Building

  • Property Code: DS883231
  • Location: Trabajo St, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 138,000,000.00

With 3 parking slots, this fully-furnished property in Brgy. Olympia is a splendid opportunity for those seeking luxury and convenience in one package.

16. Makati Ave Property

  • Property Code: DE882882
  • Location: 8000 Makati Ave Cor P Burgos Street, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 275,000,000.00

This fully-furnished commercial property on Makati Avenue comes with 6 parking slots, offering unparalleled convenience and prime location.

17. La Paz Village, Makati Property

  • Property Code: DS882398
  • Location: Cervez St., Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 70,000,000.00

This commercial property in La Paz Village, Makati, is a high-potential investment for those looking to establish or expand their ventures in the city.

18. Crystal Building

  • Property Code: DS882045
  • Location: Kamagong St. Cor. Akle St., Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 250,000,000.00

Offered as-is, where-is, this commercial building with 6 parking slots is a gem waiting to be discovered by savvy investors.

19. DSI Building

  • Property Code: DS881667
  • Location: 1251 DSI Bldg, Ca Oña St., Poblacion, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 480,000,000.00

This semi-furnished commercial building in Poblacion, Makati, is a prime opportunity for businesses looking to set foot in one of the city’s most vibrant locales.

20. iDorm Agutaya

  • Property Code: DS881534
  • Location: iDorm Agutaya, Makati City
  • Price: ₱ 143,000,000.00

This fully-furnished residential building, known as iDorm Agutaya, is a sought-after property for those looking to live or invest in the heart of Makati City.

Makati City stands as a symbol of luxury and prosperity, offering a diverse range of properties that are the epitome of elegance and modernity. Whether you’re seeking a residential haven or a commercial stronghold, the aforementioned list is your gateway to a world of opulence in the heart of the city.

Don’t let this opportunity pass! Explore these prime properties and elevate your living or business experience to unprecedented heights! 📞 Contact us at [Your Contact Number] for more details and exclusive viewings.

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