Welmanville Development Corporation

Despite the country's booming economy that has seen consistent positive growth indicators for successive years, millions of Filipinos still do not have a place where they can truly call their home. At the latest count, the affordable or socialized housing backlog in the Philippines stands at over 5 million, a figure that even the country's biggest housing developers won't likely be able to address soon. Beyond the needed quantity is the fact that affordable houses need to be built with the quality and standards that reflect the dreams and aspirations of their owners. This is where Welmanville Development Corporation (WDC) comes in. In fact, this property developer has been in existence for almost 30 years, quietly chipping away that daunting housing backlog, but more importantly, providing quality-built homes in livable environments.

Projects of Welmanville Development Corporation

Welmanville Subdivision II

Welmanville Lucena Subdivision is another quality project of Welmanville Development Corporation in Quezon. Welmanville Development Corporation is a v...

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