San Julio Realty Corporation

Founded in 1977, San Julio Realty Corp. is a real estate company specializing in developing residential and commercial properties. They decided to focus their attention on building improvements in San Carlos City much to the joy of locals. They began by improving many villages in the city including San Julio Subdivision, San Juan Subdivision and Teachers Village. Once their improvements have been finalized, they decided to resell the existing properties to interested locals. To nobody rsquo;s surprise, a lot of people were interested in purchasing homes in the aforementioned subdivisions.

Recently, the hard work of the company resulted in major improvements at San Carlos City. Most specifically, they turned what were useless fields into the San Carlos City Business Park. This drastic development paved the way for hundreds of locals to get new jobs. Apart from locally knowned companies, the park also contains the new-look city hall and a huge shopping mall.

At present, their project is South Villa, a subdivision that provides a five-star lifestyle. Due to the peaceful surroundings this village provides, it makes for a wonderful investment. However, that doesn rsquo;t mean it rsquo;s only for high-class people. The prices of the homes in South Villa are affordable so the middle-class locals can also call this place their home. No doubt, the residents of San Carlos City should be excited about the future plans of San Julio Realty.

Projects of San Julio Realty Corporation

Business Park Phase 1


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