PTR Properties Inc.

Perhaps one of the country rsquo;s most updated real estate companies is PTR Properties Inc. It #39;s no secret it #39;s hard to keep up with the ever-changing technology in today #39;s world. One moment you think you #39;re updated with all the needed equipment and the next week, you find out there are new inventions. Good thing, equipped with a highly trained IT Team, they were able to create their own save on technology. They were able to successfully create durable houses thanks to the introduction of Shotcrete Technology. In this upgrade, they use plastered concrete for their projects, which made the platforms sturdier. Hence, clients won rsquo;t need to worry about their homes diminishing in quality anytime soon. It #39;s mainly used in other countries for dams, roads, and bridges but PTR Properties Inc. took the initiative to introduce it to the Philippines for houses.
Recognizing the increasing number each day of restaurants and other commercial establishments in Kapitolyo, Pasig, they also built several residential condominiums there. All condominiums they built are equipped with lots of amenities. Hence, they provide a new captivating lifestyle. Also, it doesn rsquo;t hurt that at their helm is none other than Peter Y. Ty, a well-known innovator in the real estate industry. Hence, expect only good things coming from this company in the future.

Projects of PTR Properties Inc.

The Fifth at Rafael

TheFifth at Rafael Kapitolyo is a low-dense suburban condominium featuring 19 to 33sq.meter house for sale in Pasig City. The studio, studio deluxe an...

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One Capitol Condominium

A mid-rise, mixed-rise condominium, One Capitol Condominium is composed of 66 suburban homes and 7 commercial hubs. Situated at 2nd Street in Brgy. Ka...

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Amiya Rosa Subdivision

Amiya Rosa Subdivision Amiya Rosa is PTR’s first venture into subdivision development. It is located at Lipa, Batangas. Amenities and Features of ...

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Amiya Rosa One Expansion Subdivision


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