Jaka and Property and Development Corporation

By exhibiting flexibility and versatility in the business industry, JAKA Property and Development Corporation showed that they are experts in handling operations in property acquisition and establishment. Through their wide array of mid to high-end residential, commercial, and office units, as well as their team of 112 employees, strive to develop packages for their clients which combines luxury and convenience.

The JAKA Group is known to have various investments aside from real estate, in other industries such as food manufacturing and services, logistics and transportation, forest plantation management, safety match manufacturing, property management and development, computers and information technology services, and security and financial services.

With all those subsidiaries, the JAKA group has around 22 companies under its name. They are separated in the group #39;s five core segments: the distribution and logistics group, the food group, the lights and woods group, property and security group, and finally, the investment management group. Regardless, JAKA proves itself to be a top entity in each of the industries it invests in, especially real estate, where both people and property are the most important factors that keep their company leading in the field of property development.

Projects of Jaka and Property and Development Corporation

Bridge Port Estate


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