First Shelter

First Shelter Ventures and Realty Corporation is a real-estate outlining group in 1992 then later expanded into a property development enterprise. The company has been in the industry of packaging, planning and qualification of extensive real-estate project feasibility researches that includes industrial, economic and market studies for a lot of years. First Shelter is devoted to establishing accurately evaluated and planned projects that will optimally deliver the demand of the property market. The company consumes a lot of time on planning and market analysis to make sure that the company rsquo;s products meet the high specifications of their customers. First Shelter designates valuable resources for this reason to ensure that the company rsquo;s market is fulfilled and that they are able to convey unparalleled values for their investments. The locations are delicately picked to ensure accessibility to primary roads and transportation systems, commercial institutions and employment areas. The company rsquo;s designs are meticulously planned by a faction of experts with outstanding reputation in their fields. First Shelter rsquo;s internal management prides itself of the top-class minds in the business with comprehensive experience in housing.

Projects of First Shelter

Avilion Gardens

In the center of Paranaque City, lays a life of limitless potential.<br /> Avilion Gardens boasts of being the property development project arch...

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