Bonita del Mar Realty Development Corporation

If you #39;re looking for a place that #39;s free from distractions, emulates the carefree feel of nature, and a close distance to the Naic River and the beach, Bonita del Mar Estates is the perfect place to live and thrive. Located in Capipisa, Tanza, and Cavite, Bonita del Mar Estates offers homes like no other. You can live the best life, have a productive environment, and live in the calm and tranquil feeling of a stress-free home.

Bonita del Mar Estates is close to the business district, and shopping malls, as well as Tagaytay and Ternate mdash;meaning your dream summer getaway is easily within reach. The place not only keeps your comfort in mind but also sees to it that you #39;re close to where society and business flourish.

There is no other landmark development as Bonita del Mar Estates. The place boasts of a 6.7-hectare estate and has kept on growing since then. Since 2000, Bonita del Mar Estates has expanded its housing and development to numerous high-profile projects, with the most recent one being condominium Maja V in 2006. Spearheaded by the developer, Mr. Benjamin C. Laurel, Bonita del Mar Estates was crafted with people aiming for a more grounded living experience in mind. Each unit is made tailor-fit to the quality that Mr. Laurel would like to live in for himself.

With that growth comes the Bonita del Mar Estates rsquo; adherence to a high-quality and simple (but luxurious) way of life that rsquo;s as close to nature as possible. The condominium units are made and planned to fit every lifestyle, so you can be sure to find one that fits your preferences. It rsquo;s more than a place to live; it rsquo;s a place just to be.

Projects of Bonita del Mar Realty Development Corporation

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