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p dir=ltrspanspan a= able= aic= and= assets= commercial= commitment= company= construction.= delivering= development= effectiveness= efficiency= employs= enhance= estate= families= filipino= font-family:= goal= group= hallmarks= homes= in= includes= is= its= land= life.= making= manila.= metro= most= of= perseverance= portfolio= practiti= premium= products= properties= provide= qualified= quality= real= realty= residential= service= services= span= specializes= stick= test= that= the= through= time.= to= uphold= utilizes= value= vertical-align:= visi= white-space:= wisely= within= withstand=AIC Realty, a real estate company in the Philippines, envisions to build homes for Filipino families that are exceptional in quality and will endure the test of time. They take pride in developing premium residential and commercial properties in Metro Manila. Alongside with this vision is their sincere and passionate desire to make meaningful products and services that would enrich the lives of people. They have also collaborated with the industry rsquo;s prominent real estate providers as they progressively desire to pursue the international market arena. In the present, they have established the AIC Empire Tower, which was designed by Architect Roger Villarosa, and the AIC Gold Tower which is a condominium located in Ortigas Center./span/span

Projects of AIC Realty

AIC Grande Tower

<span a="" address="" and="" br="" budding="" close="" edifice="" executives=...

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AIC Burgundy Empire Tower

AIC Burgundy Empire Tower is a 42-story commercial building in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, on A.D.B. Avenue between Garnet and Sapphire Roads. It is a...

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