Aeon Luxe Properties

AEON LUXE PROPERTIES is the real estate development branch of the FTC Group of Companies, which has been recognized as one of the primary contributors to Davao City's economic growth, with diverse operations in hospitality, medical, retail, textile, and trading. It now plans to use its position to pursue new commercial opportunities in the city through property development. Aeon Luxe aspires to be a market leader in a rapidly increasing category, a trailblazer capable of pioneering astounding breakthroughs. Aeon's notion of trailblazing was to construct the largest and most iconic structure in Mindanao's history.

Projects of Aeon Luxe Properties

Aeon Towers

Aeon Towers is Aeon Luxe Properties' flagship project. Aeon Towers is a 33-story architectural marvel and Mindanao's first highest structure. The proj...

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