8990 Mindanao Housing Development Corporation

8990 Housing Development Corporation was initiated in early 2000. It was at a time when there was a dire need to provide the Filipinos with modestly priced houses. Their vision is to see every Filipino in his own house! It was this mission that has driven them to work towards Deca Homes, which is their flagship estate. These are cost-effective homes which even the low and middle-income groups can afford. No compromise is made on the quality while making these low budget homes.

While selecting locations, they ensure that it is in close proximity to the city or close enough to avail public transportation to commercial localities. They have now started using the latest construction technologies which have reduced the construction time of building a quality house in 8 days at the most. To add to this, they have developed a finance scheme called CTS Gold which is operated by their company. It has a provision of paying for the house in bearable installments for up to 25 years.

They got the reward of their constant and sincere work in building homes with time. 8990 Housing Development Corporation expanded its area of work in building mid-rise townships called Urban Deca Homes, and high-rise townships called Urban Deca Towers. They didn #39;t stop here! Their upcoming ventures include a partnership with a mall, as well as introducing DECA Homenet, an internet and cable service for all the households. In 2013, they received official recognition as 8990 Holdings Inc., which was followed by a full grant of an initial public offering in May 2014. Their success has never deflected them from their primary mission of building cost-effective homes for Filipinos from low and middle-income groups.

Today, 8990 Holdings Inc. has the ability to perform better in providing people with the best quality homes in modest budgets. At the same time, they are also expanding their horizons beyond just construction to make lives better.

Projects of 8990 Mindanao Housing Development Corporation

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