5 Reasons Why You Should Live in Makati

Living in Makati positions you in the midst of the financial capital of the Philippines. Residing in Makati gives you effortless access to luxury establishments that offer high-quality local and international merchandises and services. Lifestyle regime is exemplary in Makati City due to top-notch safety protocols in diverse properties.

5 Reasons to Live in Makati City SPIRE Group Real Estate

Taking up residence in the biggest metropolis of the Philippines, Metro Manila – Makati would undoubtedly have its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. But trust us, the advantages overshadow the disadvantages by a heap.

Here are some reasons why you should consider living in Makati:

1. Vicinity to work setting

One of the main allures of Makati living is the fact that the city is prolific with a myriad of business industries, multinational companies and BPOs resulting in place being rife with job opportunities. By choosing to live in Makati you are never too far away from your office saving you the trouble of getting stuck in Metro Manila’s infamous rush hour. 

Before starting your workday, drop your children off at their prestigious school on the way – there are quite a few in Makati. 

2. Prestigious Lifestyle

Living in Makati is synonymous with opulence and extravagance and with good reason. Home to the most prestigious addresses in the Philippines – Bel Air and Rockwell, Makati some of the most elite members of society live in the city. With high-end brands rather prevalent in shopping malls and stores, you would not have to travel far just to get your fix—they are just within your city.

3. Widespread Diversity

Majority of foreigners, who have relocated to the Philippines due to temporary work assignments and those who have chosen to stay permanently, live in Makati for obvious reasons. On a typical day in Makati, you find people with different nationalities, either on their way to work in smart corporate attire or leisurely strolling along with their families.

4. Long-term Investment

Think of long-term investment along with enjoying a luxurious life. Property investment in a ready for occupancy unit is a good value for your money. Rent to own condo units are easy to acquire and they double their value in no time. If you have Ready capital, investing in a pre-selling condo is the best option for you to multiply your money.

5. Ever-dynamic arts and culture scene

Makati is home to Museo ng Makati and Philippine Army Museum and art galleries such as Manila Contemporary, Silverlens and The Drawing Room, all of which represent the Filipino history and creativity. With an eclectic mix of activities and influences, such as plays, musicals and other live performances, you will always have something to look forward to.

5 Reasons Why You Should Live in Makati SPIRE GROUP REAL ESTATE

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